A sexy and fetching sunburst Matt Jersey blouse sets off this outfit perfectly.  This outfit must be seen to be truly appreciated.  Of course all three pieces are completely lined and have many hand sewn details.

Size: Mannequin
Condition:  Excellent,  Never Worn
       Labeled Azalea
Vintage:  1961

  French Viva Velour

Here we have the Quintessential Ode to the 1960's.   This time it's the real thing with a wonderful textile right out of the Parisian artist colonies of the early 60's.  This wonderful imported French Velour is the canvas on which this fetching and glamorous suit is portrayed.  Classic 3 piece suit with stand up collar and set in sleeves is at once glamorous and chic.
Extremely rare and expensive velour is not to be mistaken for the velour's of today.  Too costly for the textile company to manufacture, this is the only one that was ever made from the design sample. So precious that the jacket is lined in Turquoise French Silk Satin Chiffon.



#7773 French Viva Velour Suit
Price:  $850



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