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Vintage Couture is at it's most dynamic and provocative in the case of Evening Gowns.  Mid Century Vintage Clothing comes alive with the rich textiles endemic to the opulence that moonlight evenings inspire. Evening Gowns become at once works of art and objects invoking inspiration. The Rich Brocades, Velvets, Lame's, Peau de soie's, Italian Matlisse's et al. of Vintage Couture are the vocabulary of the Evening Gown..... the vocabulary that speaks volumes about your sense of self.

Please come back often as we have a huge collection of Evening Gowns in our Vintage Couture Collection.  Just Click on the Pictures  to see more pictures and get more details.

Vintage Couture,Evening Gown,Black Velvet with Jets,Vintage clothingVintage Couture,Evening Gowns, Vintage clothingVintage Couture,Evening Gowns,Velvet, vintage clothingVelvet cape,Evening gowns,vintage clothing
Jet and Passementerie trimmed Velvet Tunic and Jet Trimmed Skirt.  Velvet Passementerie Trimmed Cape available separately.

    Vintage Couture, French Cut Velvet, Evening Gown,Vintage ClothingVintage Couture,Evening Gowns,Vintage clothingEvening gowns,Vintage cut velvet,vintage clothing
      French Hand Cut Velvet Iresse' on Silk Peau de Soie.

Vintage Couture, Masquerade Evening Gown, Dramatic Vintage ClothingVintage Couture,Evening gowns,brocade,imorted satin
Harlequin Masquerade French Silk Peau de Soie with reversible French Brocade Jacket.

 Vintage couture,passementerie,red velvet,cocktail dressVintage clothing,Evening gowns,red velvet
   Red Velvet Passementerie embroidered Bolero and Jet and Passementerie Fringed Skirt.

  French White Satin and Gold Brocade Nehru Coat.

     Italian Extra Luxurious Double Weight Silk Matlisse Dress and Jacket.

 Swarovski Jewel Encrusted French White Satin and Gold Brocade Evening Skirt and Tunic.
  French White Satin and Gold Brocade Ruffled Opera Coat.   Each available separately.


Flamenco Silk Organza Petalled Extravaganza as featured by  Woman's Wear Daily 1962

  White & Silver Shimmery Satin Brocade Bat Wing Dress.

Heraldic French Trompe l' oeil Gold Lace Brocade Dress.



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