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Woman's Wear Daily 1962.  Imported Champagne Brocade with gold and silver threads.

The Tempest.  Dramatic French Brocade Crepe Lined coat and Crepe Dress. Appropriately named! 

 French Mille Fleur Brocade.  Exquisite textile appears like hand embroidered pink
  peonies with gold threads among the vines and leaves.

  Renaissance Brocade Coat and Brocade Tunic Available Separately

Gold Lame Brocade Bat Wing Dress.  Goes Great with Renaissance Brocade Coat.

 Red Velvet Rembrandt Style Dress.           

Contessa French Hand Cut Velvet Formal Ensemble.

 Caprice Crepe Coat and Dress Ensemble.

Autumnal French Satin Brocade with Gold Overleaf.





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