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Faux Russian Broadtail Fur Ensemble.  Front Panel Pleated Skirt. Cropped Jacket with Passementerie Frogs. Choice of Shells.  Specialty Imported Broadtail.

Profile Hand Woven  Wool Suit with Wool Jersey Bodice and Wool Jersey Lined Jacket.

Red Velvet Bolero Capelet Suit with Passementerie Embroidery and Jet and Passementerie Fringed Hem.

  Double Ply Reversible Hounds Tooth Wool Dress and Swing Back Cape.

 Wool Loop Fringed Winter White Coat.                                French Maxi Hounds Tooth Jacket
                                                                                                     with Double Wool Loop Fringe.

 "Wet Look"  Black Patent Leather Flare Back Jacket and Skirt.

Venezia Stripe Silk Peau de Soie with Fully Reversible Jacket.

 Roma  Imported Hand Woven 'Euro' Suit with Tweed Flare Back Jacket. 

Crepe Lined Crepe Ruffled Coat and                         Red Velvet Rembrandt Style Dress.
Velvet Trimmed Flounce Dress.

 Red 'Lizard' Vinyl Flare Back Jacket with Passementerie Braid Trim.

 Lupo Italian Stripe Suit.  Lightweight Wool and silk Blend in an Overcast Weave Striped Textile.

  French Viva Velour Three Piece Suit.  Double Ply Matte Jersey Shell.

 Silk Organza Bolero Capelet with Ostrich Feather Trim.



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