Caprice Crepe Ruffled Ensemble
                                                        by Azalea
Ruffled Coat and Flounced Dress so Romantic and Flirtatious Azalea named it Caprice.  Azalea shopped far and wide before she found the perfect weight crepe.  Here it is in the perfect black crepe flounced dress and crepe lined crepe Ruffled Coat.  Both pieces feature a luxurious and lavish amount of ruffles.  Dress is demurely fitted with the bottom flounce edged the Black Velvet which meets in the back in a lovely bow.  The Coat features dolman sleeves with all edges ruffled, complete with ruffled side slits.  The 3/4 length sleeves are not ruffled.... that wouldn't be chic! 


       Size: Mannequin
       Condition: Excellent,
                    Never Worn
       Vintage: 1960's


#1489 Caprice Ruffled Crepe Ensemble
Price:   $950




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