Size: Mannequin
       Condition:  Excellent, Never Worn
       Vintage: 1960's

               Faux Russian Broadtail Ensemble
by Azalea
Luscious Imported Faux Russian Broadtail Daytime Ensemble special enough to wear in the Evening.  So close to real Russian Broadtail you'll have to pinch yourself to stay in the moment.  Black, but oh so more.  Velvet.... but more.  The contrasting swirls play beautifully against the pleated skirt and fitted jacket.  The front paneled skirt has a wide elastic Belt like waist band.  The shell is simple and dead on smart.  The jacket featured here without the shell as the shell is several inches longer.

Broadtail was a real Fashion Statement in Couture and Better Ready to Wear in the 1960's.  Today is it very much as elegant and desirable and very hard to find!

Jacket has beautiful hand braided passementerie Frogs.  All pieces are lined and have many hand sewn details.  



The Embrace Stole can be worn a variety of ways.  It can be draped over the shoulders, Back to front with 'wings' behind the shoulders.  Worn as seen above or double swaddled.  I've even seen it criss-crossed in front and worn as a provocative bolero type top.

This textile is not to be mistaken for a cheaper version that is available in today's market.  The quality here is unmistakable. Designed as a reproduction of the finest Russian Broadtail it is soft and plush and plays with the light dynamically.
#5285 Broadtail 3Piece Evening Ensemble
Price:  $1250




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