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It was 1960 and an artistic visionary suddenly appeared on the New York Fashion Scene.......Azalea.

Azalea was the only name she ever needed.  She was born in Rome, of a family who boasted many generations of artists and designers.  Having been brought to New York by ten years old, she was exposed to a multicultural sophisticated background.  It was clear that her interests were in high fashion, having always been influenced by her mother's penchant for Parisian Couture. 

Azalea was formulating her own fashion vocabulary.  She so disliked the endless fittings of French Couture, and she despised clothes that were contrived.  Azalea was always looking for solutions for the modern working woman.  It was this in mind that she set off to turn the little black business dress into the 'perfect' elegant cocktail outfit.  Thus was born the Azalea Stole.

Rarely is a fashion item so unique that it qualifies for a United States Patent, but this was the case with this high fashion stole. A stole that can be worn a myriad of ways, A stole so wonderful that it catapult Roman born Azalea into the high fashion world of Couture and Ready to Wear.


It was NY in the 1960's that Azalea was designer to movie stars and first ladies alike. This was the stole that started it all in 1959.   You can see clearly from this piece why Azalea was so often compared to Chanel and Dior...... European drama only with a decidedly American Flair.




The Azalea Stole sold out at trunk shows at upscale department stores throughout major US cities.......first at Neiman Marcus, then at Burdines, Altman Brothers, Bonwit's, Saks Fifth Avenue, Henri Bendel's,  and every other major upscale department stole.  Every major store was clamoring for Azalea to produce her designs to satisfy a clientele that identified with Azalea's concept for American Couture. 


Soon Azalea was showing 6 lines a year.  Her extravagantly luxurious and unique textiles combined with her innovative and sophisticated silhouettes soon became a sensation at major upscale department and specialty stores everywhere.  It wasn't long before noted people of the day were knocking down her doors for her signature looks.  (Jackie Kennedy, Katherine Hepburn, Mai Britt, Anita Ekinberg, Shirley Varret, Mimi Benzel.....et al.)


Azalea was continually featured in major fashion magazines as well as Woman's Wear Daily.   Azalea was credited for innovating many pivotal major fashion trends that invigorated the fashion scene.  Her fashions remain timeless classics of unsurpassed elegance and quality.















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