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The Azalea Stole

Rarely is a fashion item so unique that it qualifies for a United States Patent, but this was the case with this high fashion stole. A stole that can be worn a myriad of ways,  a stole so wonderful that it catapult Roman born Azalea into the high fashion world of Couture and Ready to Wear.

It was in NY in the 1960's that Azalea was designer to movie stars and first ladies alike. This was the stole that started it
all. This rendition is Red Velvet and Satin, providing luxurious textures to wrap you in a cloak of mystery and high fashion.

A Vintage, never worn original. You can see clearly from this piece why Azalea was so often compared to Chanel and Dior...... European drama only with a decidedly American Flair.


The bottom part of the Azalea stole punctuates in point which provides two deep & extremely convenient pockets, while at the same time providing a slimming and elongated silhouette.

You will find this stole an indispensable addition to your wardrobe as you discover more and more ways to integrate into your wardrobe to make your unique personal fashion statement.

#101 Red Velvet & Satin Azalea Stole
Price $275



Azalea Stole in a lovely shimmering full bodied acetate Taffeta in wonderful Purple Irrise'.

#201 Purple Taffeta Azalea Stole
Price $150




Azalea Stole in Velvet/Satin Combination in a gorgeous rich  Bronze color.

#102 Bronze Velvet & Satin Azalea Stole
Price $275






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